We believe the way of Jesus is the best, most beautiful way to be human.

In addition to being a life filled with peace, joy, contentment, and purpose, even in the midst of trials, this way of life with Jesus as King is a true blessing to the world around it because of its love, kindness, truth, and grace. It is marked by right relationships with God, with others, and with the world. It is meant to shape every part of life—how we work, how we spend, how we share, and how we neighbor. It is truly beautiful and inherently radical. And Jesus invites us to follow Him into this beautiful, radical, counter-cultural way of living.

It is a life of bowing in worship of the true King, rather than pursuing money, sex, fame, power, or the American dream.

It is a life of sitting together with others in authentic, loving relationships, rather than drifting off into a life of division or isolation.

It is a life of walking with Jesus and others to be formed into the people we were made to be, rather than being formed by the cultures around us.

And it is a life of running to love all the people around us, rather than settling for a life of comfort, safety, and selfishness.

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