Community Groups exist to help bring forth the beautiful way Jesus has invited us into through disciple-making, communal life, and sacrificial service to others.

These groups create space for us to

  • Expand our knowledge of God and His Word (with the goal of growing in obedience toward Christ’s glory)

  • Explore and develop spiritual gifts; practice spiritual disciplines

  • Build in-depth relationships through shared time together

  • Learn from and experience Jesus through one another

  • Invite others into community together

  • Carry one another’s burdens

To facilitate the things above, we believe it is best that community groups are

  • Committed to meeting on a weekly basis

  • Made up of 10-14 individuals (adults)

  • Co-led

  • Open to receiving new members

  • Looking to develop and train new leaders

  • Multiplying after 2 years of consistently meeting

These standards are set to create common ground and language across all NE Community Groups, but are able to be adjusted to meet the needs of each unique group.


Our desire is for everyone within NE to be connected in a Community Group. One way we will do this is through semi-annual CG launches. These launch seasons will give the opportunity for

  • Corporate focus on and encouragement toward engaging community together

  • New people to join a community

  • Each group to reset, recalibrate, and retool if desired

  • Existing members to personally assess the season ahead and choose to commit to their group or step away (or in a different direction) for a season

  • Group leaders to be equipped and developed

  • New communities to be formed (primarily through multiplication) as needed

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