My friend Dan held a silent auction/dessert night last Friday to raise funds for a long term mission stint in the Dominican Republic he and his family are embarking on. I was asked early last week if I would play some background music for the event. My wife and I held a similar event to raise funds when we were adopting our son Ezra from the Congo, and we felt so incredibly loved by anyone who helped us in any way, so we’ve tried to do the same for others whenever we get the chance.

I also saw it as a opportunity to play music with some of the younger leaders of the Northeast worship squad. It was such a blast to do this with these guys. We ate delicious desserts, had some great laughs, and played a ton of fun music.

Mission. Music. Drew, Toby & Caleb. Peanut butter cups. We’re talking about a pretty solid Friday night here.

We had a lot of freedom to play whatever music came to mind, and the sense of cooperation and listening that came from not knowing what we were going to play next was really cool. It’s one thing to be proficient at your instrument, it’s another to care how it fits into the context of what everyone else in the group is doing, and these guys understand that well, even at a relatively young age.

It was a great night, and I’m thankful that there are so many within the NE community who jump at the chance to use their gifts to serve, and have shown these younger men that showing up for others is a normative part of following Jesus.