Music Projects

A Very Northeast Christmas

A festive mix of some classics and originals just in time for the Advent season.

For us, and perhaps for everyone, Advent is a season to celebrate and to anticipate. The joys of this narrow window of time each year seem exceedingly joyful, and often the pains are especially painful, both leaving us longing for a day when all things will be made right under King Jesus. This short album is intended to reflect those unique Advent feelings that draw us into worship. A dance party with an aching expectancy of the renewal of all things: this is A Very Northeast Christmas.

We Are The Church

This album is a series of songs dedicated to inspiring the kind of worship that leads to a demonstration of Jesus’ way.

We believe people are longing to see evidence of God’s love and presence in everyday life. Mere talk of God and his way has worn thin. A real experience of God’s intriguing and beautiful way, now that’s interesting. The old ways of thinking about church . . . the bricks, mortar, pews and parking lots aren’t descriptive of the people on the inside who want to shake the world with observable acts of love and sacrifice. We’re talking about the tangible kindness of neighbors, young people advocating for peace in their schools, orphans finding families, the hungry being fed, and countless other ways Jesus is advancing His Kingdom through his followers. We want in on this kind of action and we’re guessing you do, too.