Recently, I got the chance to give a message at the gathering of Converse Church of Christ, a church near Marion where my dad serves as the pastor. They were wrapping up a series talking about the 9 fruits of the Spirit, and my dad invited me to come and teach the Theology behind the song Rivers as well as introduce the song to their church as a wrap up to the sermon series.

It was an absolute pleasure to be with the great people at CCC. It also got me thinking that I’ve never given a Theological background for this song that we sing on some Sunday mornings, and I wanted to share this with our church family as well. My prayer is that it would give you good language to remember that the Living Water of God’s Holy Spirit is available (RIGHT NOW as you read this!!) looking for ways to fill you to overflowing so that the thirsty all around us can be satisfied in Him as well.

Love you guys,