Breakfast is good. Waffles are the business. Egg casseroles are outstanding. Coffee has been noted for it’s excellence in roughly 30% of my conversations with Anthony Opliger. And bacon?! Don’t even get me started.

However, the enjoyment of all of those things has a limitation when they’re just a necessary vehicle for sustenance. The richness of breakfast, and all meals, is seeing the beauty of the One who created all things in everything from waffles and casseroles to friends and family with whom they can be shared.

It is that spirit that we’ve initiated some pre-gathering breakfasts during our Welcome to the Table series, the first of which happened yesterday. Shelly, the host of the breakfast, said it was a great opportunity to connect people, both new and not-so-new to the community at NE.  Actually, she said more! I asked her to write a quick highlight paragraph about the experience:

Jesus showed up for me in a big way during breakfast on Sunday morning. I was able to hear the story of how one of the breakfast attendees, a bus driver, has been discipling and encouraging a boy on his bus.  This boy had been removed from his mother and is living with a “Safe Families” family.  As it turns out, this “Safe Family” family is also part of our church!  Neither of them knew this or each other, but they are now connected because of our time spent sharing around the breakfast table.  I am so grateful we were all able to experience God working among us in this way, using our little gathering time to encourage one another and to “spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”  What a pleasure it was to be a small part of that!


Pre-Gathering Breakfast_1








These breakfasts will be happening for the next several weeks during the Welcome to the Table series. If you want to sign up or have questions and would like to learn more, email Emily Nussbaum at