We had the second in our series of pre-gathering breakfasts on Sunday morning. It was a great crew! John & Emily, the hosts of the breakfast, did a phenomenal job of creating a space that worked for people to gather and talk and also a spot for the kids to eat, even down to a crayon-ready table cloth! After they ate, they even helped stuff the envelopes for this week’s table tool (what better way to get to know each other better than to be put to work!). I asked John & Emily to share some thoughts on the meal:

We had a great time at our Welcome to the Table breakfast!  Many of us had never met one another before!  So it was sweet to get to know members of our “body” a little better.  It was great to come together and share the preperations, the delicious foods, and the cleanup of a meal TOGETHER!  We shared several laughs, watched all the kids play with one another, and ultimately ended up DOMINATING our 4 very efficient envelope stuffing assembly lines!  I think sharing a meal around the table, even though such a simple concept, will help us know 12 more adults and 10 kids of our body more intimately.





I continue to have the sense that these meals together before our gatherings have a special significance for who we are as a church and how we’re choosing to follow Jesus together, and I love seeing how all of you guys are jumping into this and other opportunities to serve and get connected to people. Next week’s breakfast is full, which is so awesome! If you want to join up with one of the breakfasts for later in the Welcome to the Table series, please contact Emily Nussbaum at emilyjnussbaum@gmail.com.