The Yes Statement is, in essence, our form of church membership. It is an annual commitment we make to know and follow Jesus together as Northeast Church. The various aspects of this commitment are articulated within the Statement below.

Yes Statement

I/we say “Yes” to King Jesus and to the following declarations and ways of living as part of Northeast Christian Church.


Together living the beautiful way of Jesus for the glory of God and the good of the next generation.


We believe the way of Jesus is the best, most beautiful way to be human. This way of living can be captured or summarized in four main actions: bow, sit, walk, run. These four actions also serve as the framework for how we as a Church will move in God’s direction together.

WE BOW / Because God is worthy, we commit to worshiping Him with our whole lives. We commit to being faithfully present to grow, serve, disciple, give, welcome, learn, and worship.

WE SIT / Because God loves His people, we commit to sitting together at tables in authentic, joyful, growth-producing relationships with one another. We commit to being humbly engaged in relationships within the Church by hosting and serving our brothers and sisters.

WE WALK / Because God loves us, we commit to a process of being formed to increasingly know Him and live the way of His Kingdom. We commit to being zealously yielded to intentional patterns and practices that lead to the formation of us and others.

WE RUN / Because God loves the world, we commit to proclaiming and embodying the Good News of Jesus as we love our neighbors and see His Kingdom come. We commit to being lovingly immersed in God’s mission in our everyday lives in our city and among the nations of the earth.


As a Church, we hold to the essentials of the orthodox Christian faith as revealed in the Scriptures and articulated by the Church in the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed. In non-essential but important doctrines, we maintain unity together in Jesus. Together we commit to boldly hold to the essentials, to humbly maintain unity with non-essentials, and to lovingly honor our belief statement.

We learn from the Scriptures and from church history that there are certain rites and rituals God has given us that are designed to be sources of grace, formation, meaning, and life. We honor the perspectives of the various streams of the Jesus movement around the world, and as a Church we observe two sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s supper.